QlikView Tutorial

Hi, in this data & tools qlikview tutorial video I’ve talked about a quick qlikview list box trick about qlikview list box or qlikview filter. Whenever you create a qliiview list box or filter using the expressions, you’ll notice that one the properties of qlikview list box “always one selected value” will not appear and due to this if you have a need that in your custom qlikview list box you need to show this “always one selected value” then you need to do some work around. Well the work around is very simple. You just need to create a new qlikview list box with the properties set to ‘always one selected value’ and then another qlikview list box which is having the expressions for custom selection of vales which needs to be displayed on the front end.  Now adjust the size of first list box which is not having any expression and having the ‘always one selected value’ checked and hide it under the list box which is having expression.


Now try to clear the all the selection from clear button and I bet you’ll have the one value selected in the list box which is having custom value and within its properties you can check that the selection for ‘always one selected value’ will be disabled. Well that trick and it is possible because of qlikview associative logic.


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